Tatyana Kukso, Licensed Higher Brain Living® Facilitator

My Mission

I work with people who have had a traumatic experience, and are struggling with fear, instability and insecurity. I help you feel safe, secure and loved, and move forward in life with confidence!

My Story

About fifteen years ago I began to search for a way to transform my life. I explored many different teachings and methods but nothing seemed to work fully and permanently.

In 2013 I discovered Higher Brain Living®. I went through all 22 sessions of the Higher Brain Living® program and I've experienced sustainable results in the transformation of my life. I then decided to help others experience the same transformation that I did. I enrolled in and completed the Higher Brain Living® Facilitator Training and began my own practice. I'm looking forward to helping everyone else who struggles to make the changes that they want to see in their life - including you!

You too can experience transformational change!

Based on the most progressive knowledge of 21st century neuroscience with roots in ancient wisdom that dates back to 5,000 ago, Higher Brain Living® is transformational, proven and repeatable.

Through a series of 22 sessions led by a highly trained Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, subtle energy neuro-pathways are opened and activated through touch. The process creates waves of energy and a salutogenic breathing response that releases stress, rejuvenates and reorganizes every cell in the body.

The Higher Brain Living® experience is much more expansive than a series of sessions on a session table. Clients also receive comprehensive tools to help navigate out of chronic emotional blockages and into the joyful, vertical growth reality of Higher Brain Living®, helping rapidly propel them into the life of their dreams.